Apple Gives The Gift Of Music For Canada Day With Its ‘Top 150 Canadian Songs Of All Time’ Playlist

If you want your Canada Day celebrations to play out like a fun-filled beer commercial montage, you’re going to need two things: a Slip’n Slide and a killer playlist. Apple can’t help you with the first item (or maybe they can. Is there a Slip’n Slide app?) but they definitely have you covered for the second one. Feast your ears (and eyes, but mostly your ears) on the Canada 150 playlist.



Released in three instalments is this compendium of Canadian choruses and crowd-pleasers representing genres as wide-ranging as the land from which they came. Generational divides, be damned! Here you can expect to hear Grimes alongside Trooper and Skinny Puppy leading in to Paul Anka.

Above are the 50 songs that compose vol. 3; those with Apple Music accounts can listen to all of the songs, including those found on vols. 1 and 2. Apple Music Canada’s editors, the curators of the Canada 150 playlist, have also thrown in a “Canada 150: The Next Generation”, a celebration of new music and a sneak peek at what may appear on future July 1 compilations.

Those with sharp sight and inquisitive minds might have questions surrounding the albums’ artwork. You should know that they were designed by famed author and artist Douglas Coupland, who incorporated elements into each cover from famed Canadian artists, such as Emily Carr and Lawren Harris.

Visit the iTunes store to keep abreast of the other volumes’ releases. In the meantime, sit back with a jar of maple syrup, crank the stereo (or computer), and check out what 150 years of history sounds like.



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