Stephen King Reacts To President Trump Blocking Him On Twitter

Even Stephen King couldn’t have dreamt up a story as weird as being blocked by the President of the United States on Twitter.

The prolific horror author shared the news on Twitter Tuesday that Donald Trump has put a stop to him reading his tweets.

It’s not clear what the novelist did specifically to earn the distinction. Though, many people have come to be blocked from viewing the U.S. President’s tweets for being critical of him, raising legal questions about whether a publicly elected official can block users on social media.

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Though, luckily for King, fellow author and Trump critic J.K. Rowling has got his back. The “Harry Potter” writer said she could keep King updated on Trump’s tweets.

It’s always nice to see novelists sticking together and supporting each other through such tough times.

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At this point, though, it’s not entirely clear whether King was in fact blocked by Trump. Time reached out for comment, but have not received a response.

Meanwhile, in a follow-up tweet, King seemed to indicate he had been notified about being blocked and questioned whether it was a hoax.

King has not been a fan of the Donald Trump’s political career, going so far as to temporarily shut down his Twitter account after Trump won the Presidency in protest.

Since returning to Twitter a few weeks later, King hasn’t spared the President any harsh criticism.

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