Report: Bob Dylan Plagiarized Moby-Dick Spark Notes In Nobel Prize Lecture

Bob Dylan may have pulled a classic high school book report dupe.

A new report from Slate offers compelling evidence to suggest Dylan, 76, copied passages from a Spark Notes on Moby-Dick in his Nobel Prize lecture. Here is an example from a “summary” of Meville’s plot:

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“Captain Boomer has lost an arm in an encounter with Moby Dick… Boomer, happy simply to have survived his encounter, cannot understand Ahab’s lust for vengeance.”

And below is an oddly similar excerpt from Dylan’s recent speech:

“Captain Boomer — he lost an arm to Moby. But… he’s happy to have survived. He can’t accept Ahab’s lust for vengeance.”

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A side-by-side comparison of the “Blowin’ in the Wind” songwriter’s speech and sections of Moby Dick‘s Spark Notes reveal other similarities. To add further fuel to the theory, both sources refer to Ahab’s “lust for vengeance” and call Gabriel a “crazed” or “crazy prophet,” but the book’s author never describes the characters as such.

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