Chad Johnson Says ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Producers May Have Shut Down Production To ‘Play It Safe’

Chad Johnson is speaking out following the abrupt shutdown of production for season four of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

In a Canadian exclusive with ET Canada the notorious franchise villain, who appeared on season 12 of “The Bachelorette” and was kicked off season three of “Bachelor in Paradise”, reveals his perspective on the network’s current investigation into allegations of misconduct on set in Mexico that sent all contestants and crew flying home.

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Speaking about his experience with the producers on the show, Johnson says, “They look out for us. But, they’re trying to make a TV show, so they will let things go to a certain point. As far as I’ve ever seen, if anything bad were to happen, they would pull everybody apart and handle the situation.”

“They play it safe,” he adds. “Like with me in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’, I was sent home not because I actually took a swing at someone, but just because the person said I took a swing at someone. Due to that, they had to go ahead and say, ‘Oh, we need to send him home just because someone slightly felt threatened.'”

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“We’re the ones that are in the middle of everything and if something were to happen to the contestants, then it’s bad for everybody,” Johnson continues. “I just don’t know how they would let something actually bad happen… like right in front of them. I can’t see that happening.”

While Warner Bros. has yet to comment on the future of the show, Johnson says he is uncertain if it will return. “I’m not sure,” he says. “I hope it can, but it sounds like it’s in a weird situation right now. Hopefully nothing actually happened and something got blown out of proportion. I hope everyone’s okay. But, until we figure out the full story, nobody really knows.”

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