Fans are understandably anxious to hear the long-awaited album from Shania Twain — her first full-length album of new music in nearly 15 years — and the Canadian country music superstar has dropped a few major teases about the upcoming release — including its title.

The album, she revealed in a series on Instagram posts, will be called “Now”, and she also shared a look at the album cover:

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In addition, the pride of Timmons, Ontario, took to Twitter to reveal that she’ll be debuting the album’s first single, “Life’s About to Get Good” on BBC Radio 2 host Chris Evan’s show on Thursday, and shared the cover art for the single.

It hasn’t been a day and Twain’s new single has already rocketed to the top of the Billboard + Twitter Trending 140.

“Life’s About to Get Good” is scheduled to be released on Friday, June 16; while Rolling Stone reports that “Now” is slated for a September 29 release, Twain herself said in an interview at the Stanley Cup Finals on Monday that the album would be coming out in “late August.”

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Meanwhile, Twain revealed a partial track list during a radio interview with Sam Alex:

“Life’s About To Get Good”


“Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl?”

“We Got Something They Don’t”

“Poor Me”

“Has Anybody Seen My Soldier?”

“More Fun”

“Home Now”

“Roll Me On The River”

“I’m Alright”

“Light Of My Life”

Twain has confirmed that ‘Now!’ will feature 16 tracks, so a further five are expected to be revealed at a later date. You can listen to the entire interview right here:

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