Jon Bon Jovi Makes Virtual Visit To Alberta Elementary School

For two months a class at Ecole Agnes Davidson School in Lethbridge has been sending letters to rock icon Jon Bon Jovi in hopes he would come to Lethbridge. Wednesday the rocker made their dreams come true visiting the class over Skype

Lethbridge elementary school teacher Ana Rebolone Morrison was on the verge of tears, shaking her head in disbelief Wednesday afternoon at École Agnes Davidson School.

“Seven more minutes until he comes,” chanted Grade 4 and 5 students in her class, wide-eyed with excitement.

The group was waiting to start a video chat with musical star Jon Bon Jovi.

The class even has a shrine to the rock icon on the wall of their classroom and students have been sending letters to the star for two months.

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The screen on the projector showed “Jon Bon Jovi calling” and the students started to yell in a frenzy.

“I didn’t think it was real, I thought it was a dream,” Grade 4 student Reuben Williams said. “It was so crazy to actually meet him.”

The class wasn’t sure if Bon Jovi was getting their letters, but once they started talking over Skype, he showed them that he had received all of their notes.

“I like that you guys had masks with mustaches on them,” Bon Jovi said, holding up a picture a student sent him. “It was very fun… I know that you guys have Bon Jovi Fridays, so I’m sorry that it’s not Friday.”

For a class that makes art to the band’s music on Fridays, the day was incredibly special.

“I’m surprised he actually got our letters and went through them all,” Williams said. “He said all of our names and stuff, too.”

Rebolone Morrison hopes her students can learn from what they were able to accomplish.

“One kid can make a difference,” she said. “But all together, their voice is very strong.”

The class chatted with Bon Jovi for about 30 minutes and ended the afternoon by singing Living on a Prayer with the star.



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