Funny Or Die Releases Spot-On ‘Handmaid’s Tale For Men’ Parody Featuring Manfred

Exclusively on DudeHulu comes the dystopian thriller “They Finally Made A Handmaid’s Tale For Men”, giving men the series they truly deserve.

The latest Funny Or Die parody takes on the female-centric “The Handmaid’s Tale” with a new version made exclusively for straight, white dudes. “Finally, a show for men,” the trailer claims.
In the place of Offred, played by Elisabeth Moss in the acclaimed series based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, the hilarious “Handmen’s Tale” tongue-in-cheek take features Manfred, a guy who finds himself in a dystopian society where he’s shocked to discover that women are included at his executive table.

“When they didn’t date us because of feminism, we didn’t wake up. They ruined ‘Ghostbusters’, and we didn’t wake up then either. And when they were being shrill b**ches 24/7, we didn’t wake up. And now, we are Handmen,” he describes in voiceover. “The feminazis own us, like, more or less. My name is Manfred.”

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Under a feminist-led society, the Handmen – who don the red robes and white hats of the Handmaidens in the real Hulu series – are forced to sing the praises of female-driven movies and their “strong female protagonists” and are physically stopped from manspreading by a female officer.

“Men used to be respected. I mean, we can still get wasted and eat tacos, but call feminism an ugly girl thing and it’s jail for you,” complains Manfred.

But, in this dystopian society where white men learn what it’s like to be second-rate citizens, a resistance is building.

“Do you know about 4chan and” a resister tells Manfred about the website men use for “giving women a piece of our mind.”

“My username is LenaDunhamHater69,” he says.

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Another scene sees Manfred playing a game of Scrabble with a woman as she exclaims, “We just want you to see women as people.” But Manfred isn’t interested in her woes. “I just want to be able to say whatever I want about women’s t***,” he laments.

The entire trailer is interspersed with fake men’s rights activist quotes like, “A harrowing look at our future,” according to the National Coalition Of Men.

Check it out below. (Caution: NSFW, language may offend some).




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