The summer of Shania has arrived!

Her new single has officially dropped and now Shania Twain is taking over “The Today Show”, talking about returning to her music (and her fans) after 15 years.

“I feel really great about it,” Shania tells Hoda about finishing her album. “I’m in a good place with everything and it’s been a really wonderful, positive journey.”

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Speaking about how the reception from her fans has been, Twain says she’s “really feeling the love.”

“I never realized how appreciated I was,” she explains. “I think, you know, distance makes the heart grow fonder and I guess it works both ways and I miss the fans and I’m loving just being with them again and feeling the whole joy of everything.”

The 51-year-old Canadian country legend also addressed how fear was a motivator for her through this process.

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“Of course it was scary coming out again after so many years and writing the whole album alone, which I did on purpose to push myself and really find and rediscover myself as a songwriter because that’s really at the base of everything,” she says.

With positive reviews of her new single, “Life’s About To Get Good”, already flooding in, Twain dubs the song “annoyingly catchy” but came from that “euphoric feeling that we get when we realize there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Following her interview and live performance, Twain also took over with Al Roker, making dreams come true for “Today Show” host Sheinelle Jones.

Shania Twain’s album “Now” drops Sept. 29.