U.S. Politician Not Amused When Trolls Subscribe His Email Accounts To Nickelback’s Newsletter

Republican Senator Ben Sasse is not seeing the funny side of having his official email accounts suddenly deluged with information about Nickelback after some online trolls placed those accounts on the subscription list of the Canadian band’s email newsletters.

Upon discovering that several of his email accounts had been signed up to receive all manner of Nickelback info, Sasse took to Twitter to gripe about it.

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“It’s. Not. Funny,” he tweeted, although it’s fair to point out that not everyone felt that way.

One person who did think it was funny: 83-year-old Senate veteran Orrin Hatch, who playfully sent Sasse a cheeky tweet, referencing some DMing between the two, claiming that he was behind the prank — even tweeting Sasse a photo of the album cover for the band’s new release, “Feed the Machine”.

Meanwhile, an array of folks throughout the Twitterverse responded to the prank by using Nickelback lyrics to mock Sasse’s opposition to the Affordable Health Care Act, (a.k.a. Obamacare), and Republicans’ so-far-unsuccessful efforts to “repeal and replace.”

Sasse, by the way, was the guest on “Real Time with Bill Maher” whose remark about having the host “work in the fields with us” led to Bill Maher using the N-word in an unfortunate (and not particularly funny) joke that led him to devote an entire episode of his HBO talk show to apologizing for his remarks.

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