You know him from the 90210 reboot and Primeval: New World, but trust us, you’re going to want to see Niall Matter in his new role as Dr. Peter Cutler in Season 2 of Global’s Remedy, which is why Niall is one of our 2015 “Canadians To Watch”.

Before Niall started to focus on his acting career, he worked on an oil rig outside of Edmonton. When he was 25, Niall was involved in a really bad accident where he rolled a rig and Niall says, “it took me quite a while how to learn to walk again.”

Niall explains the accident made him re-evaluate his life. “When you have that amount of time to think about it, you realize how short life can be,” Niall says. “And you might as well spend your time doing what you love to do.”

Once he had recovered, he moved back to Vancouver, and a month later he was booking acting gigs, like The Best Years, Eureka, and Arctic Air! A decade after leaving the rigs behind, Niall is joining the fictional crew at Bethune General Hospital to stir things up!

Niall promises that the show has “taken it to a whole other level this second season,” and his character “really shakes up the Connor family and I think it’s going to be really exciting for viewers to see that.”

The new role also reunites Niall with his Primeval: New World co-star Sara Canning. Niall admits, “I had a friend within the cast which made it nice,” but he quickly hit it off with the rest of the cast, including Enrico Colantoni and Dillon Casey.

While it was a little daunting to start to learn all the medical terminology, Niall has a secret weapon – a photographic memory. “I have been blessed with that,” but, Niall jokes, “you ask me what one of my lines were from last week and I can’t tell you! It’s short term. It’s very very short term, but it works for a show like this.”

You can see Niall show off his skills when Season 2 of Remedy premieres March 23.

 ~ By Graeme O’Neil