Seth Rogen isn’t quite sure why Rob Schneider blocked him, but he’s making the best of an awkward situation.

Vancouver’s Rogen, 35, noticed Saturday his fellow comedian Schneider, 53, had blocked him on Twitter. “What the f**?!” the “Knocked Up” star tweeted a screenshot of Schenider’s Twitter page.

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It didn’t take long for other comedians to start poking fun at the situation. “Silicon Valley” star Kumail Nanjiani shared some of Schneider’s anti-democrat tweets for Rogen to catch up on. “You’re missing some gold,” Nanjiani told the Canadian entertainer.

“Seth blocked me, what is he tweeting about?” Ike Barinholtz teased.

Comedians like Andy Cohen and Nikki Glaser were thoroughly amused with the “Real Rob” star’s actions.

Rogen wasn’t satisfied sitting on the sidelines, so he took roasting Schneider himself. “Why does he seem so appalled to be sitting next to his own family?” Rogen asked of a poster for “Real Rob” — the Netflix comedy series starring Schneider and his real-life wife and daughter.

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“I think he’s just concerned about his battery life,” Michael Ian Black quipped.

After all that mockery ensued, Schneider finally chimed in by unblocking Rogen, issuing a tweet asking him to “be on your best behaviour from now on.”