The ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Action-Packed Wrap Reel: DJ Khaled And Plenty Of Tears

That’s a wrap!

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“Pitch Perfect 3” director Trish Sie guides fans through a cute behind-the-scenes look at the new movie. The lively wrap reel gives a glimpse of what it was like working on the set of the upcoming musical comedy.

All the favourites are back, including: Hailee Steinfeld, Anne Kendrick and Rebel Wilson — the latter of whom is tackled to the ground by two big dogs. The cast couldn’t help but tear up on the final day of shooting, after spending three months together on production.

Some new faces were also featured, namely DJ Khaled who just released the new music video for “Wild Thoughts” with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. Two-time Academy award-nominee and four-time Grammy-nominee John Lithgow has also joined the cast! The film’s director described Lithgow and Wilson as “peas in a pod.”

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A “special announcement” for “Pitch Perfect 3” is scheduled for Monday, June 19 ahead of the movie’s December 22 premiere.

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