Pamela Anderson is speaking out about rumoured boyfriend Julian Assange as the WikiLeaks founder remains holed up within the Ecuadorian embassy in London even as Swedish authorities have dropped the investigation into rape charges brought against him.

In a love letter to Assange posted to her blog, the actress/model calls for Assange to be freed while also taking aim at British Prime Minister Theresa May, blasting her as “the worst Prime Minister in living memory.”

After extolling the virtues (and sexiness!) of Assange, Anderson calls for him to be freed from the confinement he’s experienced for the past number of years in order to avoid extradition related to the now-dropped investigation.

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“Julian has been trapped in a small room for five years now, and for two years before that he was under house arrest,” she writes. “He has won his case against Sweden. All of the excuses are gone. There is no reason he should not be freed.”

As for who’s to blame for Assange’s confinement, Anderson points the finger at May, “who kept him imprisoned in the embassy for 5 years [and] refuses to allow him to leave. Theresa May, who is on her last legs. Theresa May of the Pyhrric victory. Theresa May, who won’t shake the hand of the victims of the Grenfell fire. Who doesn’t care about poor people. Who doesn’t care about justice or peace. Who doesn’t care about Julian. The worst Prime Minister in living memory.”

Additionally, Anderson reaches out to French President Emmanuel Macron, asking to meet so she can plead Assange’s case in hopes of enlisting the help of the French government. In her letter, she also reaches out to China, British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and even U.S. President Donald Trump, whom she says has “benefited from WikiLeaks’ publications, [but] has not stood up for Julian’s freedom to publish.”

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She signs off by addressing Assange directly, writing: “I love you.”

As Anderson’s opinion of May began making the rounds on the Internet, the former “Baywatch” star found herself subjected to much mockery by those who feel she’s out of her depth when it comes to discussing British politics.