“The Monuments Men”; actor, George Clooney, has expressed his concern for Sudan and Darfur in a recent Op-Ed piece published by The New York Times.

Titled, “George Clooney on Sudan’s Rape of Darfur”;, the article touches on the harsh reality of genocide that took place in the early 2000s in western Sudan between rebels and the government. Because of this, hundreds of thousands of Darfuris were killed and millions displaced, which declared the actions as genocide in 2004.

But to this day, the citizens of the region are still living in distress.

“Because Sudan’s government routinely blocks journalists from going into the Darfur region and severely restricts access for humanitarian workers, any window into life there is limited,”; Clooney writes. “The government has hammered the joint peacekeeping mission of the United Nations and African Union into silence about human rights concerns by shutting down the United Nations human rights office in the capital, Khartoum, hampering investigators of alleged human rights abuses and pressuring the peacekeeping force to withdraw.”;

The 53-year-old actor then explains the evidence that has been received from citizen journalists and closely located human rights defenders. Videos have been smuggled out that bring to light the burning villages and bombing raids.

“After collecting more than 130 eyewitness and survivor testimonies over the phone, its researchers concluded that at least 221 women had been raped by soldiers of the Sudanese Army over a 36-hour period last October,”; Clooney writes.

Clooney then goes on to say that the sexual violence that takes place in these villages, are used as a tactic of social control, demographic change and ethnic domination.

“Acting with impunity, government forces victimize the entire community,”; his article reads.

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