Mark Wahlberg Teases New Movie With Dwayne Johnson

It looks like Mark Wahlberg is reuniting with his “Pain & Gain” co-star Dwayne Johnson.

The actor was in London to talk about the latest “Transformers” movies, “Transformers: The Last Knight” when he told ET Canada’s Sangita Patel there’s already a script in the works for a new movie with Johnson.

“Steve Levinson has the script, who’s my producing partner, but we’ve been developing it with Dwayne in mind,” Wahlberg reveals exclusively to ET Canada. “So hopefully he will give it to Dwayne, and Dwayne will read it and commit to making it, and we’ll make it sometime next year.”

Wahlberg may have to wait for his reunion with his on-screen buddy for a while. Johnson is proving to be a busy man with a whopping 12 acting projects in the works. Wahlberg’s no slouch when it comes to keeping busy either, telling Sangita he’s been too busy to even watch his latest “Transformers” movie.

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“I haven’t seen it yet!” the 46-year-old actor admits. “Because I was working on ‘Daddy’s Home 2’ when we were doing all the ADR stuff and Michael [Bay], normally, that’s when he’d show me the film but because he’s so secretive, he wouldn’t send any of the footage to Boston.”

Just because he hasn’t seen the movie – yet – doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what happens.

“I know what happens,” he jokes. “I read the script probably 2,000 times!”

Wahlberg will finally be able to see “Transformers: The Last Knight” when it opens in theatres on June 21.



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