Fresh off performing his hit single “Slow Hands” at the iHeart Radio MMVAs, Cheryl Hickey sat down with Niall Horan to get the goods on his break from One Direction and upcoming solo album.

The singer couldn’t help but gush over his Canadian fans: “I actually got a really nice voice message off of Michael [Buble],” Horan shares. Adding that he really looks up to the Canadian crooner, saying: “He’s the greatest man. I want to grow up to be Michael Buble.”

But it’s not just Buble who’s singing the 23-year-old Irishman’s praises.

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Horan says he got the “Shawn Mendes seal of approval” on a couple of other tracks, “we were having a couple of beers and jamming a little bit and I played a couple of songs for him and he seemed to like ‘em.”

It should go without saying that if both Buble and Mendes are on board, Horan’s new album has the potential for some chart dominating hits!

Speaking of the album, Horan made it very clear, he’ll release it when he’s ready.

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“I’m thinking October/November time,” he says. “There’s a lot of stuff going on at the minute, promo wise around the world,” he adds saying, “so when that stops, I’ll then release it.”

And it looks like the self-proclaimed “golf obsessed” singer might be more excited than his fans, telling Cheryl: “I’m really looking for to [releasing my album],” adding, “it’s been a kind of a year campaign nearly, but the way I said it to everyone, I just kind of want to do it at me own pace and not rush everything out because at the end of the day, I’m 23, so I’ve got loads of time.”