Hanson Slams Justin Bieber’s Music, Calls It ‘Chlamydia Of The Ear’

While Hanson’s debut single “MMMbop” climbed the music charts in the ’90s, they’re aren’t such fans of this decade’s chart-toppers.

That’s right, Hanson aren’t fans of Justin Bieber’s.

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Brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac called out the Canadian pop star, and other performers while playing “Whose Song Is It Anyways” with an Australian radio station.

When Bieber’s new jam, the remix of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despactio” played, it came time for the Hanson brothers to identify whose song it is. “Can I just say I’m glad I didn’t know what that was?” one of the brothers says before knowing it was the Biebs. “I prefer not to get any venereal diseases, so whenever Justin Bieber get near me or near my ears, it’s just ear infections. [His songs are] terrible.”

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“Chlamydia of the ear. It sucks,” another sibling chimed in.

Hanson celebrated “MMMbop”‘s 20th anniversary with a world tour which launched June 1.



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