Transgender YouTube Star Jazz Jennings Talks To Larry King About Her Bottom Surgery

In an interview with Larry King on “Larry King Now” on Monday, 16-year-old transgender YouTube star Jazz Jennings opened up about the new season of her TLC docu-series, “I Am Jazz”.

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“I say, ‘I’m on the search for America’s Next Top Vagina,’” Jennings joked. This season will follow her journey of getting the surgery which has become a large part of her life now.

She admits that she has some reservations about the procedure but is ready for this next step. “With any procedure there are complications. I mean, I think my mom is more worried than I am,” she said.

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Jennings feels that this surgery is the last step before becoming her real self. “I know I’m a girl, but this just confirms that. I’m ready,” she said.

She also opened up to King about her social and dating life. She says that school is tough, that she doesn’t really date, and that she’s been bullied for years.

“I Am Jazz” returns for its third season on TLC on June 28.

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