Canadian comedian Seth Rogen and “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert tried to “make friends” with the U.S. president’s son, Donald Trump, Jr,  on Monday night.

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Unfortunately, Trump, Jr. didn’t respond, compelling Rogen to follow up with his own DM.

This isn’t the first time the “Sausage Party” star reached out to oldest child of President Trump and his first wife Ivana. Back in February, Rogen noticed that Trump Jr. followed him on Twitter.

“Hey man! It’s Seth. Your father is trying to discredit our media, collude with Russia, and destroy the environment,” the comedian direct-messaged the business man. “It would be super cool of you to be like ‘yo, dad, why don’t you stop all this and go back to being a guy on TV.’ The majority of the world would be pretty psyched. Thanks!!!”

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“He iced me on that one,” Rogen admitted, before following up with another message: “… Just ask your dad to go back to hosting game shows. I think he would prefer that. He doesn’t seem to like this. Thanks dude! Peace!!!”

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