Gal Gadot Paid Only $300,000 For Starring Role In ‘Wonder Woman’

Gal Gadot was only paid US$300,000 for her role as the titular character in what is already the frontrunner for blockbuster of the summer, “Wonder Woman”, according to The Daily Dot.

That number is only a particle of the film’s US$149 million budget and US$573 million-plus global box-office earnings.

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An alleged source confirms to TMZ that Gadot, 32, can expect “huge performance bonuses” for the film but the six-figure salary is puny when compared to other established movies in the superhero genre. However, Gadot’s paycheque is in line with what up-and-coming actors have pulled in at the beginning of their superhero duties.

Chris Evans, too, made $300,000 for “Captain America: The First Avengers”, while a then-unknown Chris Hemsworth was paid $150,000 in his debut as Thor, whereas Robert Downey, Jr. was paid $50 million for his role in “The Avengers”. Contrary to popular belief, “Justice League” co-star Henry Cavill was not paid $14 million for his first outing as the “Man of Steel” with Vulture‘s sources indicating the actor landed a six-figure salary closer in line to Gadot’s earnings.

Outside of the superhero franchise, The Hollywood Reporter writes Adam Driver earned somewhere in the $500,000 range for his “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” villain role. “Rogue One” star Felicity Jones however, was paid more than $1 million for her part, having already established herself as an actress with an Oscar nomination to her name.

Gadot signed a multi-picture contract that sees her earning $300,000 a pop according to Variety for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, “Wonder Woman” and “Justice League”. At the time of salary negotiations, the actress was best-known for her supporting role in the “Fast And Furious” franchise and would have had little leverage to back up any demands for a bigger payout.

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You can bet Gadot will be getting a raise for the “Wonder Woman” sequel, as Gadot reportedly plans to have a “major renegotiation” for future movies. ET Canada has reached out to Gadot’s publicist for a comment.



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