The Ken Doll Gets A Modern Facelift With New Diverse Line Of Dolls

After releasing a new range of Barbie dolls last year, Mattel has announced the addition of some new, more diverse Ken dolls, featuring man buns, cornrows and more.

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In a big reveal on “Good Morning America” Tuesday morning, the new line of dolls was revealed, including 15 unique variations with seven different skin tones, nine face shapes, eight hair colours, and various eye colours and body shapes.

Speaking of the re-imagining of the original 1961 Ken, Mattel’s head of global consumer insights, Michael Shore, told GQ, “In the past, Ken was really viewed as more of an accessory in Barbie’s world, to support the narrative of whatever was happening with the girls.”

“We want to make sure Ken reflects a friendly view of the world,” Shore added, hoping to change little girls’ perceptions of the male dolls. “You see Barbie and Ken representing a lot of people in the kids’ lives. Barbie could be ‘sister’ and Ken could be ‘brother.'”

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The first ten Ken dolls will go on sale starting today, with five more released in stores over the coming months. The latest diverse Barbie collection will include a total of 40 new dolls as part of Mattel’s Barbie and Ken Fashionistas line.



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