Foo Fighters Rock Secret Solstice Festival In Iceland, Talk New Album ‘Concrete And Gold’

The Foo Fighters rocked out in Iceland over the weekend, following in the footsteps of Radiohead and the Wu-Tang Clan to headline the Secret Solstice Festival, one of the newest up-and-coming music fests.

Only ET Canada was there as Rick Campanelli ventured to the land of the midnight sun to catch up with the band’s Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins to get the scoop on their brand new album, “Concrete And Gold” and its single, “Run”.

“It happened right as Trump became the nominee,” Grohl says, explaining the band’s mindset during the album’s creation process. “The song is basically about trying to find a place where you feel free and there’s peace.”

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“And you can hide from Donald Trump!” Hawkins adds. “And then he won,” says Grohl. “And then we wrote ‘We’re f***ed’ but that didn’t make it!” jokes Hawkins, prompting Grohl to exclaim, “Wait ’til you hear the rest of the record!”

The music video for “Run” shows the band still rocking out in old-age makeup and long white hair. So is this a glimpse at the future Foo Fighters?
“I would say yes,” says Grohl. “I hope so,” Hawkins adds.

“I mean we’re kind of halfway there right now. Yeah, that’s a conservative estimate,” Grohl says.

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If the band decides to retire, they might be able to keep their replacements in the family.

Grohl brought 8-year-old daughter Harper out on stage during their Secret Solstice set, showing off her drumming skills to “We Will Rock You” for the crowd. The frontman, who has three daughters, revealed his kids sometimes join the band on tour.

“We bring the kids out on the road every once in a while. They’re like, ‘Daddy can we come with you?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, but you gotta work!'” Grohl explains, adding he put his offspring to work.

“They each got walkie-talkies, they had their own production office, these little coolers full of drinks. In between every song I can see them holding Gatorade like, ‘You want Gatorade?'”, he says, miming their off-stage desperation to help. “I’m like, ‘I’ve got a beer.'”



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