Lucy Hale Apologizes For Fat Shaming Herself, Disables Instagram Comments

Lucy Hale has apologized to her fans after she made a fat shaming comment about herself.

The “Pretty Little Liars” star shared a throwback picture of herself as a bridesmaid on Instagram on Sunday. In the picture, Hale, 28, is standing beside her dad which she posted to tribute her dad on Father’s Day.

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However, in the comment section, Hale took a shot at her weight in the picture and commented that she was not a fan of how she looks in it. “Ugh I was so fat,” she replied to a fan.

As a result of the comment, Hale’s fans flooded the comments section and shamed the actress for shaming herself. Fans commented on her health, asked why she called herself fat and if she was okay.

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You taught me to have soul. I love you daddy.

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Other users defended her by saying she should be able to comment on her own looks. As a result, Hale disabled the comments on her Instagram photo and then went to Twitter to apologize with a series of tweets.

Hale explained that she forgets her fans are watching and that she says things she often doesn’t mean. She apologized for her comment and if she offended anyone. She then thanked her fans for their love and support:

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