Will Ferrell Says Mariah Carey’s Cameo Cut From His Comedy, Co-Stars Confirm Her ‘Borderline Abusive’ Behaviour

Don’t expect to see Mariah Carey show up in Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler’s new comedy “The House”.

The comic actor was recently on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” when he confirmed fans wouldn’t see the singer in the movie, hinting she pulled some diva antics on set.

“She did not make the final cut,” Ferrell explains to Meyers. The actor didn’t expand on what role Carey was cast in and what led to her being axed from the film, but adds, “If DVDs existed, it would be some fun DVD extras.”

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Ferrell suggests that Carey was in diva mode on the set of the film, saying she supposedly arrived with a full list of demands and “suggestions” for filmmakers “that weren’t executed.”

“She eventually did show up,” Ferrell confesses, hinting at Carey’s late arrival. “Let’s just put it this way: At about midnight I got a knock on my trailer that said, ‘You can just go home. We’re not going to get to you,'” he admits. “‘But are we still filming?’ ‘We’re still filming’ And all for naught.”

Ferrell’s recollection is backed up by at least two of his co-stars from “The House”, including “Speechless” star Cedric Yarbrough. According to Cinema Blend, Yarbrough issued a Facebook post (which he later deleted) calling out Carey. “Ok since Will Ferrell is talking, I’ma talk-ing,” he wrote. “Yeah, a real funny cameo was SUPPOSED to happen in the new film #TheHouse with the superstar Mariah Carey. But it was ruined by superstar Mariah Carey.”

He continued: “When Mariah finally showed up she refused to match the stunt. ‘Darling, I would never do it that way…’. I heard her say those exact words. She then requested a large fan for her hair to be blown around and a camera that would be above her, basically a crane shot.”

Added Yarbrough: “This lady was unprofessional & borderline abusive to our director, who tried his best to appease her every wish… Our crew didn’t deserve that, our director didn’t… This kind of behaviour just isn’t cool. For you young actors, be on time, know your homework, but be courteous and respectful. For us old heads, the same. This kind of behaviour should be called out for what it is. I miss ‘I had a vision of love’ Mariah. Be a damn professional.”

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The accounts of Ferrell and Yarbrough echo earlier statements by actor Rob Huebel, who blasted “the elusive chanteuse” a few weeks back during a SiriusXM radio interview.

“We did some reshoots with a pop star named Mariah Carey. It did not go well,” said Huebel, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, recalling: “F***ing, what is going on with her? It was bananas.”

As Huebel noted, “She was hired to sing one song, and she was like, ‘You guys, I don’t want to sing that song.’ They’re like, ‘We hired you to sing this song.’ So then they were going to do this bit where they shoot her, I think, and they kill her — in the movie. Not in real life. But she didn’t want that. She was like, ‘I don’t think my character would get killed by bullets. What if I deflected them like Wonder Woman?’ They were like, ‘Mariah, we don’t have time for [this]. You’re getting paid so much money. We have you for one day. We don’t have time to argue with you. Just do it.’ She just didn’t want to do what they wanted her to do. Anyway, why am I talking trash about her?”

“The House” features Ferrell and Poehler as a couple who open an underground casino in their suburban home in order to raise funds to pay for their daughter’s college tuition. The Mariah Carey-less movie opens in theatres on June 30.

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