‘Sound Of Music’ Star Christopher Plummer A No-Show At The Oscars Because It Was A Tribute To Julie Andrews

While Julie Andrews joined Lady Gaga onstage after Mother Monster’s blow-the-roof-off-the-joint Sound of Music medley, Captain von Trapp was a no show at the Dolby Theater to celebrate the iconic movie musical’s 50th anniversary.

Plummer explains why: “I couldn’t be there for personal reasons,”; the actor tells People, “and secondly, I didn’t want to.”;

The reason? “It was really a tribute to Julie,”; he adds. “It’s her movie. It’s a terrible phrase we have in England, but if I had appeared there I would have looked like a spare prick at a wedding. That’s the most perfect description of how I would have looked.”;

The erstwhile von Trapp family patriarch did watch the broadcast on TV, and admits he was blown away by Gaga’s electrifying performance. “I thought Lady Gaga sang absolutely wonderfully,”; he says. “She knows how to do two styles. She knows the old way and she knows the new way, and she was so faithful to the style of the story and the song. Julie looked terrific. I was thrilled and it was a tribute to her and so it should be.”;

The Toronto-born actor won his first Oscar at age 82 in 2012 for his performance in Beginners, becomming the oldest actor to ever win an Academy Award.

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