Seth Rogen, Ruth Negga and Dominic Cooper hit the red carpet at the season two premiere of their series “Preacher” on Tuesday.

Rogen, who serves as an executive producer on the show, opened up to ET Canada about his mini Twitter feud with comedian Rob Schneider.

“I found out Rob Schneider blocked me on Twitter for some reason the other day,” Rogen says. “Someone mentioned that to me yesterday as if I would know what they were talking about and I did not,” Rogen’s “Preacher” producing partner Evan Goldberg adds, asking, “Is it a big deal?”

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“It’s no bigger deal than literally the words I just said to you,” replied Rogen, adding Schneider has since unblocked him. “He unblocked me. So I guess it has a full…so it is a story. It technically has all the elements of a story.”

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While the supernatural story of “Preacher” will continue when the new season debuts on AMC on Sunday, what would Rogen and Goldberg do if they had the Preacher’s power of getting people to do whatever they wanted?

“Get Me Shake Shack,” Goldberg answers. Rogen agrees: “I would just clear the line at Shake Shack all the time,” he says. “Build a Shake Shack in my yard.”