Moby’s New Video Depicts Apocalyptic America Under Trump, And The Donald’s Supporters Are Ticked Off

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard some new music from Moby, and the EDM pioneer is making some big waves thanks to his just-released video for “In This Cold Place” (above).

The video, by British animator Steve Cutts, presents an array of seemingly wholesome cartoon images that turn dark and disturbing, viewed through the eyes of a child living in a dystopian, decaying city under the rule of a despotic leader who bears a striking resemblance to the 45th president of the United States.

Among those images: Care Bear-like cartoon animals building a wall and defending it with machine guns; smiling cartoon cows being butchered and hung on meat racks; a Sean Spicer-style press secretary whose nose grows, Pinocchio-like, and continues to grow until it wraps around the entire Earth and finally pokes him in his own butt; and a Trump-esque Transformer who morphs into a combination of the dollar symbol and a swastika to roll down a city street and crush everything in its path.

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Finally, the tables are turned at the video’s conclusion as citizens finally rise up and topple the despot from his leadership perch.

Moby’s political message is pretty clear, and has already garnered the wrath of such right-wing blogs as Breitbart and American Thinker, which ran a headline accusing the “insidious” video of “corrupting children into hatred and accepting violence against President Trump.”

Meanwhile, Trump supporters took to Twitter to attack Moby for this politically charged video in tweets such as these:

Moby, however, seems to be nonplussed by all the furor, which he clearly expected. In a tweet issued Wednesday, he writes “Hahaha” and links to an article on the Raw Story website about all the consternation the video is causing with Trump supporters.

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