Some people love to hate on The Chainsmokers.

The EDM duo may be hugely popular, but they’ve instilled plenty of backlash, including from Canadian producer Deadmau5.

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Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, took to Twitter on Tuesday to rant about the Chainsmokers, tweeting: “Sorry, I just made the terrible mistake of listening to a Chainsmokers song.”

Not very nice, but a couple minutes later he got a whole lot nastier, using their Twitter handle in his follow-up to make sure The Chainsmokers got the message.

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But two tweets weren’t enough to express his hatred, so Deadmau5 continued, saying their music made him feel “dead inside,” and even responded to another Twitter user.

The Chainsmokers haven’t responded, but they’re not the first artists to meet Deadmau5’s wrath. Other not-so-lucky targets have included Madonna, Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Kanye West, Arcade Fire and DJ Khaled.