Charlie Sheen Sued By Woman Who Claims He Lied To Her About HIV Status, Exposed Her To Disease Through Unprotected Sex

Charlie Sheen has been hit with yet another lawsuit by a woman who claims she had unprotected sex with the “Two and a Half Men” star after he concealed his HIV diagnosis from her.

According to People, neither Sheen nor the unidentified woman (who is described as a “Russian emigre”) are named in the suit, but the plaintiff’s suit alleges the defendant revealed his HIV-positive status in “a nationally televised interview on Nov. 17, 2015” — the same day that Sheen made the revelation in an interview on NBC’s “Today” show.

The plaintiff also claims the defendant gave a second television interview to discuss his HIV diagnosis on June 21, 2016 (that’s the same day that Sheen returned to “Today” for a followup interview with host Matt Lauer).

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According to the court documents, the woman (who identifies herself as “Jane Doe”) met Sheen in September 2015, and claims that before engaging in sexual activity with the “Anger Management” star asked point-blank if he had any sexually transmitted diseases. Sheen, claims the suit, insisted he was “fine,” and that she “needed to trust him.”

The woman then claims that she and Sheen had protected sex over the next two months, until October 26, 2015, when they engaged in unprotected sex. Immediately afterward, she claims that Sheen stepped out of the room to smoke a cigarette, and upon returning “threw a bag of pills on the bed” and informed her he was HIV positive.

At this point, she alleges, Sheen admitted he lied to her when he stated he had no STDs, and instructed her to take the pills and she would be fine. Sheen told her to take two pills immediately, states the suit, and to take the remaining pills later that day.

The woman claims she would never have had unprotected intercourse with Sheen if she was aware that she was HIV positive.

After seeking medical advice on her own, she says she confronted the actor a few days later, claiming that he blamed her for exposing herself and saying he was “noble” for telling her he was HIV-positive.

In addition, she alleges Sheen “berated” her for not asking him how he was doing; when she asked Sheen why he didn’t tell her he was HIV positive when she first asked, he told her it was “none of [her] f**king business.”

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Jane Doe also claims that Sheen admitted to her that he was being sued by other women for having unprotected sex with them without divulging his HIV-positive status, and then made some strange comments, stating that she was fine because he “could see the future.”

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In December 2015, Sheen was slapped with a similar lawsuit by former fiancee Scottine Ross, who claimed that Sheen hid his HIV-positive status from her throughout their relationship; that suit was reportedly settled out of court.

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The woman is suing for battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress and fraud, and seeks unspecified damages.



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