Keanu Reeves Plays The Whisper Challenge With Jimmy Fallon On ‘Tonight’

It wouldn’t be a visit to “The Tonight Show” without engaging in a fun game with host Jimmy Fallon, which was certainly the case when Keanu Reeves dropped by on Friday night’s show to plug his role in the new cannibal fright flick “The Bad Batch”.

During his visit, Reeves played a game of “The Whisper Challenge” with the moustachioed Fallon, in which they take turns attempting to guess which random words, names and phrases the other was saying while wearing noise-canceling headphones, relying solely on lip-reading.

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The results, as always, were hilarious, as they attempted to decipher such phrases as “downward facing dog,” “frozen fish sticks” and “cock-a-doodle-doo.”

So how well did the “John Wick” star do at figuring it all out? And what exactly is a “shepherd front sock?” Watch the video above and find out.

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