‘Toy Story’ Writer Andrew Stanton Calls Backstory Of Andy’s Dad ‘Fake News”

“Toy Story” fans have speculated for years about the story behind Andy’s absent father, and according to the film’s writer Andrew Stanton they’re going to have to keep on guessing.

An interview with artist Mike Mozart went viral Saturday in which he claimed his friend, the late Pixar head writer Joe Ranft, had told him the backstory of Andy’s father.

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Mozart claimed that in the “Toy Story” universe, Andy’s father died before the first film.

Stanton quickly went on Twitter to debunk the story, calling it “fake news.”

Mozart’s laid out the story in a conversation with Youtubers SuperCarlinBrothers.

In the version of events Mozart says Ranft told him, Andy Sr. was Woody’s original owner, and when he was diagnosed with polio in 1959, all his toys were destroyed except for Woody, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head.

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Decades later, he got married and had Andy. Soon after, he past away from Post-Polio Syndrome. Before he died, he asked his son to get the key to a chest in their attic, but by the time Andy got to it, his father had passed away.

At the funeral, Andy opens the chest and finds the three toys.

A beautiful and tragic story, but as Andrew Stanton says, “nothing to see here, folks.”



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