Hugh Grant Offers Reward For Return Of Blind Veteran’s War Medals

Hugh Grant is offering a £1,000 reward for the return of was medals belonging to a blind WWII veteran.

The medals, belonging to 95-year-old Alfred Barlow, went missing at an auto service station during a pilgrimage to Normandy, France.

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Seeing a report of the missing medals on Twitter, Grant retweeted the story with the reward amount and an email contact, guaranteeing anonymity to whomever has information on their whereabouts.

Speaking about the medals on Thursday, Barlow said, “These medals are worth very little to sell, but to me they are priceless.”

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The charity Blind Veterans UK has been trying to help find the medals, releasing a photo of them, but so far no luck despite dozens of offers to help.

Blind Veterans UK has managed to offer up £5,000 pounds on top of Grant’s generous offer for the medals’ safe return.

The medals were left by Barlow at Norton Canes Sevices near Walsall, England on his way back home on June 8.



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