Adele gave a memorable performance when she headlined last year’s Glastonbury Festival, issuing a record-breaking 33 profanities after being expressly told not to swear onstage, as her performance was being filmed by the BBC.

Leave it to Dave Grohl, headlining this year’s edition of the UK music festival, to break the “Hello” singer’s record after he too was informed that profanity is banned onstage yet managing to cram a crazy amount of “f**ks” into the Foo Fighters’ Saturday night performance, reports the Daily Mail.

“We were doing an interview and someone said, ‘You know you’re not supposed to swear? There’s no swearing at Glastonbury,'” he told the crowd during the band’s set.

“And I said, ‘What the f**k is that supposed to mean?’ And then I guess Adele holds the record for saying the most f**ks at a Glastonbury gig. Now I love Adele, but guess what…”

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With that, Grohl began an epic chant of F-bombs as the crowd joined in, not stopping until he was certain he surpassed Adele’s number. “OK, I think we broke her record,” he announced. “I heard it was 33.”

But the crowd wasn’t satisfied, with someone starting to a chant of “10 more f**ks'” until Grohl jokingly replied, “Dude, shut the f**k up! That’s 34.”

Prior to the performance, reports the Mail, Grohl expressed his surprise at the swearing ban, admitting it would be a tough one to uphold.

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“You aren’t allowed to f**king swear at the show?” he marvelled. “Good luck. Oh God, they are in for a big surprise with that one. S**t, I didn’t realize that.”

Added the former Nirvana drummer: “We swear the whole f**king time. I basically say f**king in every sentence. I think I have anxiety-driven Tourette’s.”