Alison Brie Opens Up About Marriage To Dave Franco, Talks Wrestling, And Shows Off Her Clown Skills For Marie Claire

With her new Netflix series “GLOW” all the rage, star Alison Brie opens up to Marie Claire about her marriage, acting, and her new love of wrestling.

For her role in the series, Brie got some professional wrestling tips from Chavo Guerrero, whose uncle, Mondo Guerrero, trained the original women of the “GLOW” series. As a result of his training, Brie fell in love with the sport/entertainment.

“He really made us fall in love with wrestling. He helped us respect the philosophies of wrestling, the kayfabe [a professional wrestling term for the fabricated storylines and personalities], the characters, the storytelling aspect of it,” she said.

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Brie was really proud when all of their hard training paid off and Chavo called the actress a natural athlete. “My proudest moment,” she admitted. “I was like, ‘I think I should record you saying this and play it back for my dad, because he won’t believe me.’ I was like, ‘There’s nothing natural about this! I worked very hard for a very long time!'”

Brie has a lot to celebrate these days. In addition to her Netflix series, she married her longtime boyfriend Dave Franco in March. According to her, Franco is very supportive of her new love of wrestling. “He’s like ‘I get it, you’re a badass.’ No, he’s very supportive, like ‘Oh my god!'”

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Franco is giving her tips on what kind of projects to pick and how to choose which roles to truly go after. “He has amazing taste and is one of the most patient people I know. It’s nice to get to a place where you’re like, ‘I know my worth and what kind of projects I really want to do, and it’s worth fighting for the really good ones,'” she said. “Because my instinct has always been much more of a frantic workaholic, where I’m like, ‘I always want to be working! I’ll take any job!’”

The actress also revealed that she used to work as a party clown and showed off her skills:



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