Jackie Chan Seeks Revenge For Daughter’s Death In ‘The Foreigner’ Trailer

In the intense new trailer for the thriller “The Foreigner” Jackie Chan is after one thing: revenge.

After his daughter is killed in an IRA bombing attack in London, England, Quan (Chan) pursues those responsible to bring them to justice. Pierce Brosnan plays Liam Hennessey, a government official who resents Quan’s intentions and whose allegiance seems unclear.

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Based on the book “The Chinaman” by Stephen Leather, the upcoming flick puts Chan back in action but with more than a dose of drama.

Brosnan and director Martin Campbell (“Casino Royale”, “Edge of Darkness”, “Green Lantern”) team up again after working together on the 1995 James Bond film “GoldenEye”.

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“The Foreigner” is set to hit North American theatres October 13.

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