UPDATE (Tuesday, Mar. 3, 3:45 p.m. ET): Viewers of True Tori watched Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott struggle with trying to repair their shattered marriage after his cheating scandal, with a large part of the drama surrounding Dean being away from the couple’s L.A. home in order to host Chopped Canada in Toronto.

This will no longer be an issue, as Dean won’t be continuing with the Food Network Canada hit.

“Dean McDermott will be departing the Chopped Canada cast upon completion of season two,”; said Christine Shipton, SVP of Content, Shaw Media, in a statement. “It has been a pleasure to work with Dean on this series and we thank him for his passion and enthusiasm throughout two successful seasons.”;

ET Canada‘s Cheryl Hickey visited the Los Angeles home of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott for a revealing tell-all exclusive interview. In his first interview since his affair made headlines, the Chopped Canada host and True Tori co-star breaks his silence.

Watch Part 1 below! Nothing is off limits as Dean discusses rumours, the couple’s financial issues and the aftermath of his cheating scandal.

On Tori’s recent hospitalization, Dean addressed rumours that began swirling after Tori was rushed to Cedars-Sinai and immediately placed under quarantine.

Tabloid reports immediately jumped to one conclusion: Tori was obviously infected with the dread Ebola virus.

If that sounds too weird to be true, says Dean, it’s because it is.

“Everything is OK,” he tells Cheryl. “All the tabloids are reading Ebola and it’s not.”

In fact, Dean confirms that Tori is suffering from severe bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia, and he blames the stress of filming the couple’s unvarnished reality show, True Tori. “The show we’re shooting is obviously very emotional,” explains Dean. “It’s six days a week. It finally caught up with her and took its toll, so she has bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia and she’s getting great care at the hospital.”

Meanwhile, Dean admits to Cheryl he’s not unscathed when it comes to the toll that True Tori and the cheating scandal that preceded it has had on him. “You know, when you’re at the checkout and you look over and you see one of these magazines and it’s like, ‘Dean McDermott’s a monster,’ and I’m like, ‘No, I’m not a monster, I’m a human being and I messed up.’ I messed up and I’m owning up to it and I’m getting help. But to label me a monster or evil is very hurtful.”

Dean doesn’t make excuses for cheating on Tori, and places the blame firmly on himself. “You know, I’m not the first person to ever cheat on his wife,” he says, admitting “the affair was more about how I was feeling about myself than having an affair.”

Repairing the damage he caused to the couple’s relationship has been tough and complicated. Although they felt they had made a lot of progress when they went on vacation that proved very healing for both Tori and Dean, there was still a tough road ahead. “I thought we’d be able to bring that feeling back and maybe start working on simplifying our lives here,” says Dean. “But a lot of the emotional stuff that changed when we came back to the house, I was surprised and I was really hoping that we could carry it over, to really set out what we were doing — starting over and rebuilding. And it didn’t go that way, so it did surprise me.”

Watch Part 2 of the interview, with Dean talking about leaving Tori to host Chopped Canada, below!

Plus, catch ET Canada Presents Dean McDermott’s True sTori special right here. During the half-hour special, which aired ahead of Tuesday night’s episode of True Tori, ET Canada host Cheryl Hickey had an unscripted and uninhibited conversation with Dean about his life choices, his career and whether his marriage will survive.

Viewers can see more of Dean McDermott when he returns to Food Network Canada this January for Chopped Canada season two.