Hayley Hasselhoff’s latest lingerie project has her promoting a positive body image for all sizes.

The 22-year-old daughter of actor David Hasselhoff, posed for a few lingerie photographs, shot by Andres de Lara. She says that her dad was all for it. “My Dad’s just supportive in anything that I do and I think he loves where I’m at in my career,”; she tells ET Canada.

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Hayley says that her lingerie shoot did spark a bit of criticism on social media, but she chooses to ignore it.

“If I was a straight size model, and didn’t really have a boob, then I’m sure it would be perceived a lot differently,”; she says. “I don’t know them personally so why would I engage? Even if I did know them personally, I wouldn’t get into a fight with them over social media.”;

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But the plus-sized model emphasizes that positively affecting someone else is more than she could ask for:”;Just to know that my journey -not even meaning to- but by telling my journey, is helping another person, is just such a beautiful thing.”;