Chance The Rapper Calls Out Hostess For Using His Brand To Sell Pastries: ‘Give Me My Coin’

Chance the Rapper is fuming at Hostess, makers of such iconic treats as Twinkies and Ding Dongs, after the pastry manufacturer used his brand in a craven attempt to sell its products.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Hostess shared an image of Chance’s iconic “3” baseball cap topping a box of its apple streusel cakes, along with a caption reading: “How good is Chance the Snacker? I’d say comparable to Apple Streusel Coffee Cakes.​”

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The tweet crossed the line, however, when it added the hashtag #ChanceTheRapper and his Twitter handle, @chancetherapper.

The tweet did not go unnoticed by Chance, who issued a terse reply on Twitter, demanding in all caps that the multinational cupcake conglomerate “GIVE ME MY COIN.”

In the digital age, however, just because something gets deleted doesn’t mean it stays deleted, and one of Chance’s sharp-eyed fans managed to capture a screengrab that he tweeted to the rapper, writing: “I think they deleted, but I got you.”

Following his response, Chance’s fans took to Twitter to mock Hostess and its attempt to sell products on the back of the wildly popular rap star, serving up some hilarity along the way.

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