Amy Poehler And Will Ferrell Distracted By Adorable Puppies During Interview

Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell are joined by a pack of furry scene-stealing puppies for their latest interview.

The stars sat down with Buzzfeed to talk about their new comedy “The House” when the tiny dogs proved to be a little too distracting for the pair.

“I can’t concentrate! There’s too many puppies here!” Poehler exclaims as the puppies bark, squeak and run around them. “It is so hard to answer questions while these dogs are here.”
In “The House”, the comic duo play a suburban couple who decide to start an underground casino in their basement after they spend their daughter’s college fund. While the pair may have spent some time together on “Saturday Night Live”, Poehler and Ferrell reveal they’re still learning new things about one another on the set of “The House”.

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“I learned that Amy loves reading palms,” Ferrell says.

“Will, give your palm! I can read anyone’s palm! [Looks at Will’s palm] Lifeline, love line, success, failure, these are your kids, the middle of your palm talks about what you want, the top of your hands talks about what you have…” she replies. “I learned that Will drives one of those recumbent bikes to work. He likes to lean back… that’s how he gets everywhere in LA.”
As the puppies run amok around the two stars, two dogs decide to get in on some personal grooming.

“Get a close-up, they’re making out!” Ferrell exclaims. “These two puppies are reenacting a scene that Will and I did that got cut for time. It didn’t test well,” Poehler jokes.

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“Did you ever bring your kids home a puppy?” Poehler asks her co-star. “I did…and then I had to take it away, like an hour later. It turns out they didn’t deserve it,” Ferrell laughs while surrounded by dogs.

All of the puppies featured in the video are up for adoption from a Los Angeles dog rescue.

“The House” opens on June 30.




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