Billy Joel Returns To His High School To Give An Inspiring Commencement Speech

Billy Joel went back to his high school 50 years later to give a commencement speech they would remember forever.

Before he became a worldwide sensation, the music icon was a credit short of graduating high school. The singer was supposed to graduate Hicksville High School, but he missed his final English exam because he slept in after performing the night before at a piano bar.

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After his music career took off, Joel submitted the necessary work to the school board to help him finally earn his high school diploma and he finally graduated in 1992. Now, 25 years later, Joel returned to his high school to deliver the commencement speech for the graduating class.

Firstly, Joel clarified a few things for the students. “I know I didn’t graduate because I didn’t have the English credit. I didn’t fail English, I just didn’t go,” the “Uptown Girl” singer said.

“I can finally pull myself out of this dead-end job I have and start working on a career with a real future,” he joked.

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In his speech, the singer advised the 400 graduates to hold onto their dreams and even gave them some sage advice. “And pick a job that you like, because if you pick a job that you hate, your life’s gonna suck,” he shared with the graduates.

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