Nancy Grace Remember’s Fiance’s Death In Clip From ‘Hollywood Medium’

Reliving the past is not easy for Nancy Grace.

In a new, tragic clip from Wednesday’s episode of “Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry”, Grace talks with Henry during a reading about the terrible death of her fiance during a botched mugging.

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In the clip, published by E! News, Henry describes what he senses.

“There’s a feeling of a situation getting out of hand and not going how it was intended to originally go,” Henry says. “This doesn’t look like I was supposed to die that day. I don’t even necessarily get the strongest impression of someone seeking someone out. There’s a feeling of something goes wrong…and that wasn’t the original plan.”

Grace knows immediately what the young medium is picking up on. “I’m sure you’re referring to my fiancé who was murdered,” Grace says. “We think as a mugging. I’m not really sure why. I’ve never known.”

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“He had gotten a job over the summer on a construction crew actually and a guy that had been fired from the job came back with a gun,” Grace says, recounting the horrible event, “and he unloaded the whole gun on Keith—around his face, neck, and back. And that’s what happened. It was not an argument. They didn’t really know each other at all. But he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”



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