Roz and Mocha are in the mood for a simple fun summer song, and Deadmau5 is here to help.

On “The Roz & Mocha Show” the hosts got into a conversation about the Venga Boys song “Boom Boom Boom”, after talking about the rumoured “Boom Boom Room” on “Bachelor in Paradise. That’s when it hit them: Where are all the fun, catchy, dead simple dance tracks for the summer?

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“There’s just a hole in music these days,” Roz said. “I need something this summer that’s so pure, and so innocent. Something like ‘Boom Boom Boom’.”

Thankfully Roz and Mocha had Deadmau5’s email, so they got the Canadian music producer on the line, and to their surprise, he agreed to do it.

“That was the worst you could do, though?” Deadmau5 asked of the choice of song. “What about like Cotton Eye Joe?”

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“The reason why we thought of you is you have just enough stones,” Roz told him, “that you would do this and not care about a reaction.”

Deadmau5 agreed, joking, “I’m always looking for new and creative ways to burn my career.”

Taking the public element of the song’s creation to the next level, Deadmau5 is streaming his process live on Twitch for anyone to watch.