Jennifer Lawrence Does NOT Like Paparazzi Touching Her Dog

Jennifer Lawrence loves her dog, Pippi Lawrence Longstocking, but she most definitely does not like it when paparazzi try to touch her dog.

That’s what a videographer for TMZ found out when he tried making friends with Pippi while trying to ask Lawrence a question about her recent scare on a private jet.

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In the video, the dog is seen walking up close to the paparazzo, and when he reaches down to let Pippi lick his hand, Lawrence picks up the dog and says, “Don’t touch my dog, you f***ing loser.”

Lawrence has never shied away from being blunt with reporters, and this time she really made herself clear. Cute or not, you do not touch a stranger’s dog without asking permission.

In December, Lawrence let Seth Meyers in on her obsession with her dog. The actress actually has an acrylic painting of Pippi hanging above her fireplace.

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The TMZ paparazzo had been trying to ask Lawrence whether or not she is afraid of flying in private jets. This comes after an incident earlier in June when a plane Lawrence was on experienced engine failure and had to make an emergency landing.



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