Piers Morgan Gets Trolled By Co-Host Susanna Reid On Live TV And Twitter Loves It

TV personality Piers Morgan always seems to enjoy inserting himself in every political and social controversy, giving his two cents on the matter. No wonder his co-host Susanna Reid couldn’t help but react, completely owning him on live TV after he said he’s tired of people “banging on about politics” on Facebook.

Reid couldn’t contain her reaction, letting a laugh out before staring down the camera and rolling her eyes at the outspoken Morgan before completely roasting him live on the air.

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“I get annoyed with people when they start banging on about politics on Facebook. I’ve had to unfriend family members. I need some respite,” he vented, failing to notice the reaction of his exasperated “Good Morning Britain” colleague.

As Morgan droned on, Reid cut him off, exclaiming, “I know what you mean. When someone keeps going on and on and on and you just need respite and a break.”

She continued trolling him as Morgan looked taken aback by her words. “And you just wish you could defriend them but you’re just forced every day to listen to their views,” she said.  “I know exactly how you feel.”

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Reid moved swiftly to the news and Morgan continued to appear shocked.

The internet knows how Reid feels, applauding her for getting the best of Morgan and temporarily rendering the outspoken host speechless.

After the moment went viral, Morgan and Reid discussed their “war” on Tuesday. “So, you’ve had a really good few days didn’t you? You’ve been loving it” Morgan joked. “You couldn’t even turn up for work, it was that bad!” Reid shot back.

Glad they’re back to their old tricks.






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