Yes, a Barbie movie is on the way. And nobody knows better than its producers — Sony Pictures — that striking the right tone will be the key to its success. Why? Because few toys in the history of toys have been as polarizing as this buxom blonde doll. You either love her or you believe she sets the women’s movement back 50 years.

Although Jenny Bicks wrote the initial draft, Sony has called in Oscar winner Diablo Cody to take a second pass at the script. Smart move? Perhaps so, given the Juno and United States of Tara scribe certainly knows her way around snappy dialogue and empowered female characters.

“Diablo’s unconventionality is just what Barbie needs,” producer Walter Parkes tells Deadline. “It signals we’re going for a legitimately contemporary tone. We’re bringing her on because she had great ideas, but even more importantly, she truly loves Barbie.”