‘Jurassic Park’ Gets The ’90s TV ‘Dinosaurs’ Treatment

The internet is a wonderful, glorious place where people create the most amazing things, like images from “Jurassic Park” with the dinosaurs replaced by “Dinosaurs”.

You remember the ’90s TV series “Dinosaurs”, right?

In case you were born a little too late, “Dinosaurs” was a family sitcom featuring dino puppets by Jim Henson, which aired for four seasons on ABC. The show was set in the year 60,000,003 BC in Pangea, and centered on a working class dinosaur family: father Earl Sinclair, his wife Fran (voiced by “Arrested Development” and “Archer” star Jessica Walter), their children Robbie, Charlene, and Baby, and Fran’s mother, Ethyl.

Artist Jen Lewis definitely remembers, and decided to replace the realistic dinosaurs from the 1993 Spielberg classic “Jurassic Park” with the adorable dinos from “Dinosaurs”.

The results are hilarious.



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