Cara Delevingne Talks Friendship With Rihanna And Getting Sober For ‘Life In A Year’

Model/Actress Cara Delevingne appears on the August cover of Glamour magazine and talks about everything.

As her movie career has taken off, Delevingne is more aware than ever about the differences between modelling and acting. She says that modelling is something she does while acting is something she feels.

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“I have felt better than I felt in years, and that’s purely from doing what I love. Especially because, while I’ve been doing this film, I’ve been sober,” she says about her upcoming movie “Life in a Year”. “Being completely clean and clearheaded has been so helpful with getting into character.”

For her upcoming movie, “Valerian”, she says that getting to work with her co-star and friend Rihanna was an experience she will never forget. “I’ve seen her work in the studio, in concert, in meetings. But to see her act was incredible,” she reveals.

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Training for her role in the sci-fi movie made her get in shape like never before. “I’ve never been so strong. You want to feel like you could actually kick a massive alien down! I meditated, I practised yoga, I ate well, I slept a lot. You can’t embrace anything wholeheartedly without a clear head,” she said.

She also talks about her drastic new buzzed haircut. She said it feels totally liberating, but maybe she is a bit too exposed. “It does feel like people read my mind more. I feel like people see my thoughts,” she joked.




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