Rob Lowe Reveals He Thought He ‘Was Going To Be Killed’ While Shooting ‘The Lowe Files’

As excitement for Rob Lowe’s new docuseries “The Lowe Files” builds, the actor opens up about the dangers he encountered while on set of his new show.

“The Lowe Files” will follow the “Parks and Recreation” alum and his two sons, Matthew and John, as they investigate famous unsolved mysteries in the United States.

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But filming wasn’t all fun and games, as the 53-year-old actor reveals to Entertainment Weekly that at one point during the shoot he thought he “was going to be killed.”

“We had an incredible encounter with what locals call the wood ape, which is in the Ozark Mountains,” he said. “I was lying on the ground thinking I was going to be killed.”

The “wood ape,” he says “is the local vernacular for a Sasquatch or a Bigfoot.”

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“We’re 100 miles from the nearest town,” Lowe reveals as he teases the one-hour season finale where they encounter the wood ape. “We spend 45 minutes on the most rugged, brutal mountain trails,” he says. “It’s one in the morning. There are a lot of serious former military men with loaded weapons, then something starts approaching our camps that is defying their orders to stop and their warning that [they were] armed.”

“The Lowe Files” premieres Aug. 2 on A&E.

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