Someone On Twitter Just Realized The Rock Looks Like A Certain Emoji

Just before the new trailer of “Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle” was set to drop, a fan on Twitter noticed something odd.

The film, which stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has the same name as a 2003 flick, which also features Johnson.

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Olly Gibbs, from Empire magazine, noticed the familiarity and tweeted out to the star:

“Now why does the new Jumanji film featuring @TheRock sound and look familiar?… 🤔” Gibbs wrote.

The Rock was quick to respond and called out Gibbs for his use of the “non masculine emoji” (aka the thinking face), “Haha buddy, juuuuust see the movie first then make the comparison. And for f**ks sakes stop using the non masculine 🤔 emoji.”

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That prompted Gibbs to fire back, “Bring on the trailer tomorrow, looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun! RE: Emoji – Is this better for you?” which he accompanied with a photo of the actor making the same face of the emoji in question.

Finally, Johnson applauded Gibbs for the comparison, “Hahaha you MF! I’m on set now and this s**t got a big belly laughs outta me,” he tweeted. “Thx. Perfect. Next time I’ll wear something with more blue in it.”

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The hilarious exchange caught the attention of another tweeter who proved to Johnson that the thinking face emoji is in fact masculine, once you add a beard.

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This also earned a response from the actor, “I acquiesce @ollyog, the 🤔is masculine.”



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