This looks like it burned so very badly.

Seth Rogen and Dominic Cooper experienced a new kind of uncomfortable interview on Thursday during the season finale of the “First We Feast” YouTube show, “Hot Ones”, when the “Preacher” executive producer and the series’ star struggled to answer questions under the anguish of increasingly spicier hot wings.

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“To talk about anything other than the pain I’m in seems insane,” Rogen hilariously remarked, after the pair chowed down on a 357,000 scoville-level piece of chicken.

Watch the funny, and also very hard to watch, 13-minute episode below!

Ow ow ow ow owwwww. There’s not enough milk in the world to protect your mouth from all that torture.

To be fair to the guys, we at ET didn’t fare much better last October when several of us decided to try the world’s spiciest chip.

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Watch below to see the tongue-devestating experience.

“Preacher”‘s second season kicked off on June 25, and airs Sunday nights 10/9c on AMC.